Headshot201509Dorothy Burston Brown is a unique artist who creates metal sculptures, fashions bronze and silver pendants, necklaces, and bracelets, and selectively photographs what otherwise may have been missed in passing. Her inspiration is derived from nature and the art of primitive cultures. As a result, her designs are modern yet traditional, serious but with a touch of whimsy. The unifying theme of her work is – “capturing the beauty so often disguised.”

In addition to her artwork, Dorothy has just completed BEHIND LACE CURTAINS, a memoir available later this year.

Dorothy is a graduate of Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, with a B.S. degree in speech correction. Her M.A. in theater arts is from San Jose State University. Prior to retiring from a speech therapy career (Milpitas Unif. Sch. Dist.), Dorothy began exploring visual arts – studied sculpture under Japp Bongers (San Jose Museum of Art) and David Ogle (West Valley College). She was introduced to metalsmithing at Mission College. Photography instruction was under Steve Salisan and Linda Heilinger (San Jose City College).